Monday, September 22, 2008

Joannie's Boobs and Red Pepper Hummus

Oh, good lord. I'm going to have to eat a lot of cheese to get my boobs to do that. Luckily, I am up for the challenge.

It's red pepper hummus day because my red peppers are starting to go bad. This shit is easy.

Red Pepper Hummus

1 red bell pepper
1 can of chickpeas
3ish cloves garlic
the juice of 3ish lemons
olive oil
some tahini
cayenne pepper

Do you have a broiler? Use it. Seed and stem (is that a term?) the pepper and place it skin up on some tin foil or a baking sheet if you are an elitist. Drizzle some olive oil on top. Broil until the skin is burning and bubbling evenly. The more burnt the easier to peel. This won't take long in the broiler-5-10 mins. As soon as you pull them out, place the hot peppers in a tuppaware and close tightly. Set aside.

I think Joannie and I would be friends. We both love worthless dull men AND worthless interesting men. We look stunning in green. But my ass needs work. As Roger Sterling sayz, Joan glides across the office like a magnificent ship. I need more ass and some major foundation garments.

Ok, peppers. After a while take the skins off. If you didn't eff it up it should be obvious how this works.

While the peppers are separating from the skin-yep, that's what they are doing there in the tupperware, crush and roughly chop the garlic. Throw it in the food processor, or in my case, blender. Add the lemon juice. We're blending now. Run yer knife through the peppers and throw them in to. We're blending. Add everything else. Do your thang with the spices. I'm not the spice police. Out of Sight is on USA. Git on it!

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